• ""06.11.2010
    Thank you for the hospitality and impeccable services that we have enjoyed in these six unforgivable days.
    Best wished and lot of luck for the future.
    Iliescu Family - Bacau""

  • ""Thank you for the management and entire staff of "Hotel Perla", we had a special vacation, with relaxation and joy in the same time, you have a very clean pool, great devices, very good food, diverse, careful staff, civilized. Keep up the good work. A happy customer brings at least another 5 - 6 customers.
    Thank you,"
    Adi, Dana, Delia Pop Room 124, 18.09.201"

    Adi, Dana, Delia Pop Camera 124, 18.09.2010

  • ""We were very pleased with everything that we found here, for the great conditions, it exceeded our expectations, congratulations to the entire staff for their kindness, behavior and last but not least to the chef.
    Thank you for this vacation, we are going to return with delight.


    Fam. Porfin, Onesti, Bacau

  • ""It is not important to receive neat services, it is way more important to receive services that fit your taste and this is what we received: everything we wished for!
    Carmen and Mihai
    PS. Many thanks to the staff!""


  • ""15.01.2009
    In the 10 days of cantonment that we spent at your hotel, we had an extraordinary time. Congrats to the staff of this hotel, administration and last but not least to the chef who gets and A+ with lots of congratulations.
    Thank you and wish you to be as good as you are now.
    Traian Vuia Theoretical Highschool Resita
    prof. Lucia Ana Morut""

    Prof. Lucia Ana Morut

  • ""It is said that "humans consecrate the place", you are a living proof of this!
    Thank you for a perfect vacation!
    Thank you for the quality services that you offered!
    PS. We are going to return with pleasure"
    Dan and Mihaela"

    Dan si Mihaela

  • ""We had a great time and we are going to return with delight."
    Filimonetcu Family and Berta Family, Orastie"

    Fam. Filimonetcu si Fam. Berta, Orastie

  • ""Everything was wonderful!!!...... and if this is the result of the teamwork of some great people than... keep up the good work!
    Thank you for this vacation!
    Cristina & Sorin Georgescu"

    Cristina & Sorin Georgescu

  • "I love Romania!!!!!"

    2009 IBLP TEAM

  • ""A special ambiance, a generous meal, an excellent service, what else could someone need more when coming for relaxation.
    Congratulations to all the people who contributed to our great time!
    A family from Bucharest who will always remember this short unforgivable vacation at 1 Mai resort!""



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